Sprout World's Pencils Blossom When Potted and Watered

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: sproutworld & digitaltrends
Once a pencil has been used down to a small stub, it becomes virtually unusable—but Sprout World has plans to change this with plantable writing utensils.

Available in both pencil and colored pencil varieties, Sprout World pencils have bodies that are made of cedar wood, while the part that does the writing is actually a lead-free mixture of clay and graphite. As well as being part of the creative writing and drawing process, the pencils themselves are embedded with non-GMO seeds that can be planted and sprouted after they have fulfilled their purposes for writing.

Each Sprout World pencil is marked with the name of a flower, herb or vegetable, which serves as a handy garden marker once the pencil has been planted in soil.