This Stationary is Specially Designed for Left-Handed People

 - Dec 28, 2015
References: imborrable & kickstarter
The sustainable stationary design firm 'Imborrable' recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a series of left-handed notebooks. Occidental languages are written from left to right and as a result, nearly all notebooks are made for writing in this sequence. While this design is not a problem for right-handed individuals, left-handed people often find their palm dragging over their notes, which leaves behind fingerprints, smears and smudges.

Imborrable has come up with an innovative solution for the challenges that left-handed individuals face when taking notes. The Leftybook is a unique notebook that is exclusively designed for left-handed people. The opening of the notebook has the left hand as the protagonist, which means that it opens from left to right instead of right to left. On the inside, the notebook contains slightly slant-ruled paper that allows users to write comfortably with their left hand, without smudging or smearing what they have already written. The book is then finished with a beautiful exterior design that gives the notebook a polished appearance.

The left-handed notebooks ultimately provide a functional solution for left-handed individuals who prefer to use pen and paper.