These Fruit and Animal Stickers are Vibrant and Hand-Crafted

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy's NicoleStefanieDesign shop specializes in vibrant fruit, rainbow and animal stickers that are illustrated by hand. Created by the shop's artistic founder, these stick-on accessories are each priced at a $3 rate and can be purchased individually or in six-piece sets.

While stickers may seem like a child-friendly product, more adults are embracing the artistry behind these stationary accessories. NicoleStefanieDesign's sticker range depicts whales, pugs, roosters and even love birds along with rainbows, tropical fruits and butterflies.

Each hand-illustrated sticker ships worldwide from Melbourne, Australia and is designed for adults with an appreciation for nostalgia. Though childlike, stickers have been re-emerging in recent months -- from stick-on runway cosmetics to packaging that promotes customization -- and are a playful way for brands to target visually stimulated and creative audiences.