Sam Alive's iPhone Photos are Both Blurry and Crisp

New York City-based photographer Sam Alive's iPhone photos are a whole new take on landscape photography. His photos capture both the blurry backdrop and the crisp foreground.

The photos paradoxically come of as being both unrecognizable and well-captured. The framing environment of each photo varies from sunsets to urban streets but all we see is a blurry image of blended colors, patterns and shapes. This part of the photo is stripped of its subject matter.

Juxtaposing the backdrop is the image present in the hand holding the iPhone. This foreground image allows us to see within the iPhone screen. The center image is crisp and detailed; sharp lines as opposed to blurry ones. We see the hidden images from the backdrop take shape -- skylines, portraits and landscapes are both hidden and captured.

Photo Credits: designboom, picturesdotnews.wordpress