Tylko Shelving is Made to Order Through a Multiplatform App

 - Nov 20, 2017
References: tylko
When purchasing furniture, consumers usually need to concede that most pieces simply won't fit within the space they have, but with Tylko shelving that no longer needs to become part of the calculus. Rather than spending half of one's shopping time measuring, Tylko shelving is configured through the use of an app, meaning that the shelving is guaranteed to fit in any space.

Tylko's multiplatform app uses augmented reality to analyzes consumers' spaces and show them how the shelving would fit into their rooms in a 1:1 scale. It effectively lets users test how the shelves would look in their homes, and it further acts as a measuring system to ensure that users get precisely the right sized unit. Since Tylko is a DTC company, it can deliver these personally measured shelves without costing more than competitors.