The Bartoli Design 'Jeeg' Modular Table Allows for Reconfiguration

 - Sep 21, 2017
References: & homecrux
The Bartoli Design 'Jeeg' modular table works to allow for reconfiguration whenever required or desired to help diversify your at-home workspace or your office. The table consists of two separate parts, A and B, which can be interconnected together in a number of different ways to create an elongated work surface or anything else you wish. This means you can accommodate a growing workforce or even expand things when a big project comes your way.

The Bartoli Design 'Jeeg' modular table is crafted from premium materials including ash wood and aniline, and can come in a variety of color finishes that are simple or bold. As design aesthetics shift to favor modular accoutrements, we'll likely continue to see these kinds of creations permeating the market more.