Gassien's 'Charles Shelves' Adapt to Suit Consumers' Needs

 - Jan 29, 2018
As people collect and dispose of things, their storage needs change, and the Charles Shelves from Gassien Paris are perfectly suited to handle those shifting requirements. The modular shelving system uses minimal but sturdy hooks to hang wooden shelves from a metal wall-mounted grid, and those shelves can easily be removed and rehung should consumers need their shelving to change shape.

The Charles Shelves come with six shelving planks: two small units, two medium-sized units, and two long units. The entire grid is as long as the two longest units placed side by side, and there are seven vertical levels that the shelves can be hung on. This leaves plenty of space for experimenting and adjusting.

Not only is Gassien Paris' product convenient for modern consumers, but it provides plenty of design flexibility. It allows for an ideal combination of asymmetry within a regular, structured system — a coveted quality for interior design pieces.