- May 23, 2019
These modular storage solutions range from self-mounting wall units to practical freelancer furnishings. Designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, these products are ideal for small spaces and provide customizable storage options with components that are easy to reconfigure and re-arrange.

Standouts include Estúdio Parrado 'Wing Shelving System' which is described as "endlessly modular" and easy to personalize. The system consists of perforated pine wood which is CNC-cut and constructed for a lightweight yet sturdy finished product.

Another notable solution is the kid-friendly 'Kurio' shelving unit by Markus Hofko of Von Morgen. The unit features linear dividers that can be customized for optimal object displays. The product is a modern take on a classic curio cabinet and lets both kids and adults display their prized possessions in an artful way.

From Self-Mounting Wall Storage to Practical Freelancer Furniture: