The Solowheel 'Iota' Offers a Balanced Ride for Users

 - Jan 25, 2017
References: kickstarter & newatlas
The Solowheel 'Iota' personal vehicles are a newly announced piece of technology that acts as a hybrid device that's somewhere between being a scooter and a hoverboard. Developed by the same brand behind the original Solowheel and the Hovertrax, the Solowheel 'Iota' features a two-wheel design that enables it to have a balanced design for riders to feel comfortable with.

The Solowheel 'Iota' is designed for last mile transportation as a means of getting from, say, the train to the office without having to walk. The personal vehicles are purported to have an eight-mile range which is achieved through a 40-minute charge of the internal battery. The Solowheel 'Iota' is currently in the prototype phase with development expected to continue with shipments potentially taking place in September 2017.