VitaJuwel’s Gem Stone Bottles Promote Naturopathic Healing

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: gem-water & vogue
VitaJuwel’s gem stone water bottles are both aesthetically pleasing, and functional. featuring different healing crystals that are embedded inside a glass vessel. As naturophathic medicine becomes more mainstream, consumers are continuing to get in touch with their inner self, and are embracing spiritual practices that have more to do with inner clarity and midnfulness than they do with traditional religion.

This gem stone water bottle collection includes a variety of vessels including those embedded with calcite, which is known to balance sexual energy, and alleviate chronic fatique, along with those infused with halite salt, gold, and garnet -- a combination said to bring on wealth, while supporting physical and mental strength.

Other crystal bottles to choose from include those featuring stones like red jasper, and emerald among many other gems that are synonymous with their natural healing properties.