The Cauldryn Fyre Uses a Battery to Boil Its Contents

 - Jun 30, 2017
References: cauldryn & digitaltrends
Boiling water is one of the most frustrating rote chores that comes with camping, and the Cauldryn Fyre is a new piece of camping gear that effectively eliminates the task altogether. The 16 ounce water bottle uses a battery-powered heater to boil water directly inside it, and its insulation system ensures that the fluid will stay hot for hours.

Bringing water to a boil while camping takes more than simply waiting around the fire. Because of the intense and sustained heat required, boiling means continuously tending to the campfire, and it also means that campers need an ample stock of firewood. With the Cauldryn Fyre, the only thing that needs to be full is the battery, which can boil two full bottles of water on a single charge.