The OTOTO 'Eggondola' Egg Poacher Creates Perfectly Cooked Eggs

 - May 30, 2017
References: ototodesign & gadgetsin
The OTOTO 'Eggondola' egg poacher is cutely designed to help you in the kitchen to cook the perfect egg without having to worry about undercooking, overcooking or breaking the yolk. The OTOTO 'Eggondola' works by being placed in boiling water and having an egg cracked into the interior section in order to start the cooking process. When the cooking has completed or reached your preferred level, the OTOTO 'Eggondola' can be pulled out of the water via the incorporated accents on the bow or stern.

The OTOTO 'Eggondola' egg poacher is crafted from durable silicone and able to withstand high temperatures in order to ensure it's a safe, effective means of cooking eggs without having to deal with spoons or spatulas.