Dewel's Chopping Board Has Storage to Separate Cut Food

 - Jun 28, 2017
References: amazon & yankodesign
Dewel's chopping board is pleasing to look at and simple to use with an incorporated storage design that enhances the pace of meal preparation.

This chopping board comes equipped with an independent interlocking unit that comfortably rests on any countertop space. Users are provided the opportunity to chop their veggies on the board and place them in the storage when they're done, keeping them out of the way and organized until they're needed. Chopped food can be added directly into a cooking vessel, or plated immediately, making for an easy cleanup that eliminates running out of board space, and placing fresh food onto unwashed surfaces.

Dewel's chopping board comes complete with an anti-slip pad that allows a chef to focus on making their meal.