The Serax Lovatt Coffee Cups Replace a Handle With a Stump

 - Jun 17, 2017
References: poketo & betterlivingthroughdesign
In theory, it takes two qualities to turn a cup into a mug: it needs to be made out of ceramics and it needs to have a handle — but the Serax Lovatt coffee mugs prove that the latter is not necessarily a requirement. The mugs eschew the majority of the handle, keeping only what's truly essentially when grasping a coffee mug.

The Seerax Lovatt coffee mugs come in two sizes: a coffee or tea mug and an espresso mug. Both of these vessels are plain black ceramic with a white interior, and they both have the same design feature. Rather than a full handle, the mugs come with a small nub where the handle would normally protrude. When grasping the cups, this nub serves as support for one's thumb, acting in the same way as a handle while removing superfluous material.