The 'Albus' Electric Kettles Feature a Magnetic Power Adapter

 - May 11, 2017
References: yankodesign
Most electric kettles are intended to be used for boiling water and then shifting it to another vessel, but the 'Albus' kettle takes things in a different direction by making the design suitable for use to serve hot water directly from.

The 'Albus' kettle is crafted from Japanese ceramic and features a series of soft accents that make it a true work of art to admire that doesn't need to be hidden away in the kitchen but rather used to serve guests as needed.

The 'Albus' electric kettles are the design work of Neda Design and boast a magnetic power adapter that is similar in design to the Apple MagSafe technology that is utilized on the brand's laptops and tablets to ensure a streamlined aesthetic.