The New Checkers Hyper Store Layout Features Greater Sight Lines

 - Aug 31, 2016
TDC&Co. recently updated a Checkers Hyper supermarket in South Africa to make it more inviting and accessible for customers. Instead of the cramped shelving units found in most grocery stores, this shop now boasts an airy design that makes it easy for customers to navigate as they shop.

To make the Checkers Hyper location more inviting, TDC&Co. moved all of the store's merchandise to the back and left-hand side of the perimeter. This effort helped to open up greater site lines and make it easier for shoppers to see the different sections of the store. TDC&Co. also focused on creating an 'urban market' in the heart of the store that provides hands-on services.

By reimagining the traditional supermarket layout, TDC&Co. managed to improve the overall ambiance of the Checkers Hyper store, while also making it easier for shoppers to navigate.