From No-Waste Grocery Stores to Phone-Based Suit Shops

 - Oct 9, 2016
The top October 2016 retail design ideas have two significant themes -- stores that are focused on health and ensuring environmental standards, as well as stores that are infused with technology.

Montreal's first zero-waste grocery store provides hundreds of food options, both fresh and dried, that are served in bins. Customers of this bulk store are able to bring in containers from home to fill up, or they can purchase containers from the store itself. The lack of packaging in the store ensures that it is able to offer a unique service that does not have a harmful impact on the environment.

The tech-meets-retail theme can be particularly important in a world where retail spaces are having to become increasingly distinct from their competitors. The company 'Kingsmen Projects' allows for brands to optimize the customer experience as well as their likelihood of buying products by tracking data throughout the day and compiling it into applicable conclusions. From there, brands are able to arrange displays in a way that's statistically proven to enhance the customer experience as well as the sales of the brand.