The 3DplusMe Kiosks Allow Consumers to Create Personalized Action Figures

 - Jun 20, 2016
References: 3dprint
Target recently announced that it will be installing 3DplusMe kiosks in 24 of its California stores to give children an opportunity to create personalized action figures. In recent years, Target has added a number of interactive elements to different in-store departments. Now the retailer is giving its toy section an upgrade with the introduction of the new 3DplusMe kiosks.

The new kiosks will be installed in the toy section of 24 Target stores in the greater Los Angeles area. The 3DplusMe kiosks allows consumers to scan their face and create personalized action figures on-demand. The action figures can be designed to resemble popular superheros such as Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and various characters from the Star Wars franchise. The idea is that children will not only end up with a personalized figurine, but they also get to take part in the design process.

The 3DplusMe kiosks demonstrate how 3D printing can be used to offer a more interactive and personalized shopping experience for consumers.