Cognizant Explores Tech-Integrated Concepts for Retail of the Future

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: cognizant & retail-innovation
Cognizant envisions that retail of the future will involve enriching in-store experiences with all sorts of dynamic technology.

The concept for 'The Digital Store of the Future' was designed in response to reports that "95% of all retail sales are the result of online, mobile and in-store interaction." By providing mobile alerts, information everywhere, digital associates, interactive displays and after-hours pickup stations, Cognizant's omnichannel concept store satisfies consumer desires for a shopping experience that's speedy, convenient and flexible.

While there are currently virtual dressing rooms and smart store displays being experimented with by many retailers around the world, this vision of retail of the future may provide a greater idea of what's to come when the possibilities of what technology can add to the in-store experience are used to the fullest.