'The Tributes Collection' Features Abstract Illustrations

 - May 15, 2017
References: dezeen
"The Tributes Collection' by London-based artist John Booth brings his gorgeously unique abstract portraits to life through painted flower vases. John Booth has gained notoriety for his uniquely colorful abstract portraits, which are influenced from collage-inspired art. Now, he has expanded his medium into the three-dimensional realm.

The Tributes Collection features 10 vases of different styles each unique, yet characteristically distinguishable, as part of the Booth collection. Each vase is handmade from clay and painted in a wildly vibrant and innovative manner to allow for a functional, sculptural vase.

With an affinity for using anything and everything as his medium, Booth has used bookshelves and sofas as canvases, using his designs to bring life and character to otherwise unexpected places. His vases reflect his desire to combine function with design.