Carl Hansen & Son Built a Faux Apartment to Explore Functional Design

 - May 1, 2017
References: carlhansen & dezeen
One of the endemic issues with haute design is that the pieces, while undeniably elegant in and of themselves, lack any sense of context — Carl Hansen & Son, a Danish homeware brand, has put forth an attempt to traverse that oversight with its installation from Milan design week. 'Milan Home,' as the installation is known, features a fully built mock apartment that showcases Carl Hansen & Son design work, putting decor into an appropriate setting and thus proving their worth for actual people (rather than for barren photography sets.)

In a way, Milan Home is reminiscent of other complete works of art and design. The Wagnerian concept puts designs into a more functional setting while also showing off the Danish brand's ideal apartment space. Lush with gentle puce, lavender, and burgundy, the apartment combines warmth with the clean chill typical of Scandinavian design.