The Fluttua Bed Balances on a Leg and Looks Like It is Hovering

 - May 25, 2017
References: & contemporist
With no legs visible, the Fluttua bed is designed to appear as if it's floating slightly above the ground.

Designed by Daniele Lago, the bed is engineered to remain structurally sound, balancing on just one leg post in the center of the bed. The frame of the bed attaches to the wall, creating enough stability for two people to sleep soundly on it. The bed can be adjusted to rest at different heights, making for an aesthetically pleasing, space-optimizing solution for small apartments.

The avant-garde design pushes consumers to rethink the bedroom, seeing it as an opportunity to express one's personal design aesthetic, instead of deeming it a personal, closed-off area. The Fluttua bed represents a growing market for experimental home design, with consumers interested in expressing themselves through their home decor.