The 'Köllen Eget' Desk Hides Essentials for a Clean Look

 - May 24, 2018
References: kollendesign & yankodesign
Many consumers spend ample hours seated at a desk each day, so the 'Köllen Eget' desk has been designed to offer them a new way to interact with their workstation while keeping a focus on efficiency.

The desk features ample interior storage space that doesn't have any drawers, while the top section integrates a power bar, pop-up drawing board, white board, book storage section and even a wireless charging spot. This makes the desk ideal for those who spend the majority of their day on their laptop, tablet or smartphone to ensure that they aren't using furniture from yesteryear that isn't nearly as efficient.

The 'Köllen Eget' desk is the design work of Oriol Campillo Mestres, Nuria Jane Ballarin, Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch of Köllen Design.