Pauline Ng's 'When Thea LED the Way' is a Fun Circuit Teaching Book

 - Jun 26, 2018
References: crowdsupply & thestarphoenix
Creating a storyline that depends completely on LEDs and Circuits, Pauline Ng's 'When Thea LED The Way' is a children's book that aims to provide young girls with the confidence and knowledge to pursue a career in STEM in a fun and exciting way.

The story's heroine Thea requires lights to survive, offering kids the chance to help her build them throughout the book. The identifiable character Thea teaches kids the difference between series and parallel circuits, building electricity in a simple way while still engaging the reader's imagination. The new book creates a safe environment for learning, without pressuring kids to master all concepts but offering knowledge to basic concepts.

Thea LED The Way by Pauline Ng offers the art of electronic storytelling, created to change the way children think about their future.