Deew Beauty and Wellness' Highly Nourishing Crèmes Use Cannabis Sativa Oil

 - Nov 7, 2018
References: youdeewyou
Deew Beauty and Wellness offers its Highly Nourishing Crèmes in two varieties, Uplift and Chill, which are beneficial for their respective energizing and relaxing qualities.

The products are made with an oil from the seeds of the hemp plant, which is incredibly rich in Essential Fatty Acids and essential to the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Some of the other ultra-nourishing ingredients that can be found in the skincare products include murumuru butter and healing, anti-aging argan oil. While the Uplift Highly Nourishing Crème is enhanced with invigorating spearmint, rosemary and peppermint essential oils, Chill shares a soothing scent.

A growing number of cannabis-infused beauty products are emerging with formulas that spotlight non-psychoactive extracts, helping consumers to make the most of the cannabis plant's calming and relief-providing properties for skincare.