From Balanced Baby Meals to Parental Payment Services

 - Sep 4, 2018
These August 2018 life stages innovations range from balanced baby meals to parental payment services like MDacne's AskToPay e-commerce feature which supports online shopping by teens while keeping parents informed and in charge. The teen skincare brand offers personalized acne solutions for its customers and works by sending payment requests to a parent before a purchase is finalized.

When it comes to Boomer and Senior demographics, notable products and services include Willow, a comfortable, fashion-forward and functional underwear brand that offers a chic alternative to adult diapers. The direct-to-consumer line is also disposable and affordable, making it a revolutionary product among competing options that often lack a specific style and comfort level.

Other August 2018 life stages innovations to note include clean label baby products which feature no harsh ingredients, and gender-neutral children's streetwear that raises meningitis research awareness.