The Alice in Wonderland Collection by Primark is Cute & Whimsical

 - Jul 30, 2018
References: instagram & designtaxi
The fashion and beauty industries have recently been focusing on Disney-inspired products and one of the latest additions to the family is the Alice in Wonderland collection by Primark. The offerings include a perfume, lashes, a floral print comb, lip balms, glittery nail art and a pocket watch-inspired locket.

The beauty capsule is made to be incredibly affordable and is the perfect gift for little ones. What is intriguing is how the Alice in Wonderland collection affects grown-ups who have experienced the storyline's whimsical wonder since childhood. Thus, Primark does not only create a product that is geared toward a younger audience but also hits a nostalgic note with the adult that is going to be investing in the beauty capsule.