Nerf's Laser Ops Pro Blasters Utilize AR for Single-Player Experiences

 - Jul 4, 2018
References: popsci & cnet
Nerf's new Laser Ops Pro blasters are replacing traditional foam projectiles with AR-powered laser guns. Equipped with built-in IR receivers, the blasters offer force feedback without the use of clunk electronic equipped vests. Reloading and shooting are handled tactfully my manipulating the Laser Ops Pro blaster and the toy also provides lights and sounds. The blasters are available as the Deltaburst rifle or Alphapoint pistols. The rifle includes an LCD screen on the back that shows users their health and ammo count.

The blasters require the use of a smartphone, but may only require a single device for multiple users to play. Smartphones are connected via Bluetooth and allow players to form teams, keep score and even take part in local and worldwide leaderboards. Integrating a smartphone with the Laser Ops Pro blasters also includes a single-player mode that uses AR to turn real objects into targets in an AR space.

Image Credit: Nerf