The Spyra One Fills Automatically and Fires in Short Bursts

 - Jul 27, 2018
References: kickstarter & gizmodo
Water guns generally spray out steady streams of water, but the Spyra One promises improved accuracy and distance thanks to its ability to fire quick bursts of water. Developed by a group of German engineers, this water gun also features a collection of motorized pumps that ensure users don't have to pump or manually fill the water gun.

Filling the Spyra One is as easy as sticking its barrel in a source of water. From there, the water gun will automatically fill the blaster's reservoirs. A filter is even employed to prevent small particles from being taken in and getting stuck in any internal mechanisms.

In terms of shooting, the Spyra One can deliver 25 shots of 30mm of water. The water gun is capable of hitting a target 25 feet away before breaking apart and is quite accurate. The entire system is powered by a rechargeable power pack which can last for 45 refills and over 1,100 shots.