The 'Ticklish Teeth' Toothbrush Comes with a Picture Book

 - Jul 26, 2018
References: locusresearch & ticklishparenting
'Ticklish Teeth' is a genius idea for parents struggling with the all-too-familiar challenge of cleaning their kid's teeth (twice a day, every day) through the combination of a motion-sensitive giggling toothbrush and a beautifully illustrated picture book.

This powerful combination flips the script on toothbrushing. The beautifully illustrated Ticklish Teeth book contains a funny educational poem about aspects of oral care and the motion-sensitive toothbrush detects proper brushing motions and emits a giggling audio.

The effect is dramatic—a child is calmed and distracted by the book and delighted by the brush—they think they’re "tickling" their teeth and making them giggle. And who doesn't love the sound of a child giggling?

Ticklish Teeth is a great alternative to the expensive AR and "smart" brushes that require parents to entrust a smartphone or tablet to their child in a bathroom around water and tiles.

Ticklish Teeth is ideally suited to help a child understand and practice good brushing techniques and to learn (and understand) oral hygiene habits during a critical developmental age.