'The Garden Between' Crafts Gorgeous Worlds with Innovative Gameplay

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: thevoxelagents & polygon
Puzzle games are fast becoming the norm for indie games, but few manage to create an experience as unique as The Garden Between. Unlike most games, this puzzle adventure doesn't put players in control as the protagonists. Rather, players are fiddle around with the timeline of the game and utilize it to solve puzzles of increasing difficulty. Objects and characters must be manipulated with time control as observation and logic become key factors in progressing in The Garden Between.

Accompanying the unique gameplay is a stunningly gorgeous landscape of beautiful gardens. Dreamy landscapes are rendered with vivid colors and surreal elements with a distinct focus on creating an immersive world. The gameplay and graphics are wonderfully paired with a breathtaking soundtrack that blends ambient sounds with a soft and lulling synth soundtrack. Puzzle games are perhaps the most innovative genre of video games right now, but few manage to craft a world in the same way The Garden Between does.