The Bustories Game Has Players Chat with Random Strangers

 - Apr 30, 2018
References: & indiegames
The Bustories game ditches action, adventure and horror to instead examine the lives and stories of people on a bus. Placing players on a bus stuck in traffic, this game has players interact with an array of oddballs, infuriating passengers and charming characters that the player will never meet again.

Each trip in the Bustories game will feature a different variety of strangers, each of which will take a seat beside the player. While players are encouraged to listen to the stranger, they can easily ignore them and can opt to sit back and listen to music as the long trip continues on. A stat meter will also be present on the side of the HUD and players will have to maintain their thirst, hunger and health levels.

The concept of the Bustories game may seem incredibly strange but as a piece of art, this game manages to capture a distinct feel of everyday life. Traveling along strangers is reminiscent of actual bus journeys and the idea of impermanent meetings forces players to choose between interacting or just soldiering on.