'The Stillness of the Wind' Explores a Solitary Life on a Farm

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: store.steampowered & venturebeat
The Stillness of the Wind is a beautifully therapeutic and emotional experience that combines dreamy landscapes with thoughtful storytelling. Developed by indie game designer Coyan Cardenas, this new game continues a story first established in Cardenas' 2017 game Where the Goats Are. This new game utilizes a similar art style to Where the Goats Are and is beautifully rendered in deep golds and reds. The art is done in a whimsical style, with cute imagery undercutting the sadder notes of the story.

Unlike Where the Goats Are, The Stillness of the Wind features a more robust narrative and focuses more on an end goal. Players will take control of an elderly woman named Talma as she lives out the end of her days tending to goats and living a simple, solitary life. Players are encouraged to develop their own routines in the game and must tend to Talma's homestead while also surviving each day. This may make The Stillness of the Wind seem monotonous, but the slow pace and relatively mundane gameplay adds to the story and creates a vivid and introspective world.