The Ellen Horror Game Uses Music and Sound to Evoke Fear and Unease

 - Apr 5, 2018
References: redmountmedia & indiegames
The Ellen horror game is a marvelous creation that seeks to make players feel uncertain with every step they take in a dangerous mansion. Developed by Red Mountain Media, Ellen is an exploration of sanity through the paranormal and mysterious nature of a murdered girl. Gameplay is handled in a 2D landscape, but the limited visual style does not detract from the experience, as gorgeous level design and atmospheric music draws in the player. The minimalist style actually manages to preserve several horror elements in the story and places a greater emphasis on music and sound.

The story of the Ellen horror game revolves around a mysterious murder and the family's single survivor. Players will take control of a detective who must brave the depths of the family's mansion to discover some truth to the deaths. Players will be tasked with exploration and puzzle-solving, and they will have to take on challenges with a keen mind and thoughtful actions.