Healer's Quest Puts Players in a Thankless Role on a Grand Adventure

 - Apr 23, 2018
References: store.steampowered & indiegames
Playing the healer in any roleplaying game can often be a thankless task, but the Healer's Quest is hoping to show players just how much work goes into the role. Developed by Rablo Games, this title is built as a comedy RPG that places players in the role of a questing party's healer. While members of the player's team can attack and cast offensive spells, all the healer can do is heal and keep their party alive. Healing spells and buffs are key to winning a battle and as the game progresses, players will be challenged in keeping their party healthy, powerful and most importantly alive.

The story of Healer's Quest is fairly typical of a fantasy RPG, but it does manage to carve out a distinct space with its self-referential humor that tears down the fourth wall. Characters will openly mock the designers of the game and will vocally show their disdain for various RPG tropes. This blend of comedy gives Healer's Quest a satirical introspective view and is sure to have players laughing while questioning the constructs of an RPG.