+iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens) Challenges with Language Barriers

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: polytan-q.itch.io & indiegames
Players that can easily think outside of the box and are adept at solving complex puzzles are sure to find a challenge in the puzzles presented in +iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens). As the unique title suggests, this game is meant for those that do not think or act like the rest of society, as a high level of creativity will be necessary to navigate the challenging puzzles. The title also plays into the story of the game as the alien presented to the player will speak in general gibberish as human characters in the game have no way of understanding them.

Players in +iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens) are not given much in the way of exposition, as they live out a monotonous life before being abducted by aliens. From this point on, players will need to solve brainteasers to appease the alien overlords. As players progress through +iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens) puzzles will increase starkly in difficulty as new rules are implemented and the language barrier becomes more of a hindrance.