The Dogness Game Has Players Breed the Perfect Canine Companion

Quirky concepts are no stranger to the realm of indie games, but the premise of the 'Dogness' game takes the idea of strange and turns it into a satirical masterpiece. The basic premise of the game centers around a dog park and the idea that to have a happy society there must be breed homogeny. This idea of eugenics drives the Dogness game and makes it both incredibly entertaining and also quite thought-provoking.

Developed by Paolo Pedercini, the Dogness game has players drag and drop dogs on one another until a near-perfect dog is created. The game groups each dog by color, with each tone representing the perfection level of the breed. Since the goal is to create a park of same-looking dogs, players will be forced to think quickly and combine canines to create a perfect dog. Challenges arise when forming combinations, as mixing mates that are too similar will result in glitchy inbred pups.