Love Hulten's 'OriginX' is Styled After the Original Pong Cabinet

 - Jun 12, 2018
References: lovehulten & theverge
It's quaint by the standards of the modern gamer, but the OriginX cabinet from Swedish designer Love Hulten is a throwback to the gaming standards of over 40 years ago. The new, handmade arcade cabinet plays classic games from generations past like Metal Slug, Gauntlet, and Contra, but consumers will equally appreciate it for its luxuriously faithful vintage detailing.

The OriginX is directly inspired by Atari's original Pong cabinet. That 1972 creation featured rich wood paneling, a bright yellow face, and smoothly angled lines. Love Hulten's OriginX is clearly indebted to that design, but it makes some crucial modern changes. First, the new machine has a large, 19-inch 4:3 LCD monitor, and it also comes with a USB jack that lets users upload up to 10,000 game emulations of their choice.

Image Credit: Love Hulten