Arcade1Up Machines Will Bring Cabinet Games to the Home Market

 - Feb 19, 2018
References: markets.businessinsider & polygon
Emulators have made it incredibly easy to play classic arcade games at home, but the appeal of a standing cabinet will always persists, this is where the Arcade1Up machines comes into play. Made by toy manufacturer Tastemakers, the Arcade1Up machines are looking to bring the joys of arcade cabinets into users homes. The cabinets are 4 feet tall and feature a 17-inch LED screen. The cabinets will not be pre-built, but are incredibly simple to assemble.

The Arcade1Up machines are currently available in five different models, each of which includes a set of four beloved arcade games. While each cabinet is modeled to look like one specific game they will all come with an assortment of other classic games. The machines will offer "the same gameplay as the originals, with same sounds, joysticks and buttons." Each Arcade1Up machine will sell for $399 which is incredibly affordable for an arcade machine of this type.

Image Credit: Tastemakers