Freywille Remembers Van Gogh Paintings with Its Pieces

From oil-painted animation film tributes to sunflowery sneaker silhouettes, renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh's talent is once more commemorated in an enamel jewelry collection by Austrian brand Freywille. The offerings boast bangles of various widths, earrings, pendants and watches. The works of Vincent Van Gogh — including a mandatory miniature representation of 'Starry Night' — are recreated with a meticulous attention to detail, providing for a true "form of wearable art."

The enamel jewelry collection that commemorates the brushwork of Van Gogh is not the first of its kind. Freywille often displays the connection between art and accessories with exclusive capsules that pay homage to impressionist artists like Claude Monet and Vienna Secession pioneers like Gustav Klimt.

Photo Credits: SCMP