Eried's Collections are Defined by Subtle Minimalism and Elegance

 - Jul 18, 2018
References: etsy
Eried is an Etsy shop that grants the arty consumer access to a wonderfully unique and delicate selection of flower clay jewelry. Its owner, Eri, produces the incredibly ethereal accessories in a workshop in Athens, Greece. Her architectural background is subtly put to use and translated into the minimalist designs of the offerings.

The stylishly refined aesthetic of the flower clay jewelry makes the accessories accessible and a perfect fit for formal and casual outfits. In addition to this collection, Eri utilizes a lost wax casting technique in the production of highly detailed botany-inspired decorative objects from gold plated brass.

The nature-inspired sculptural aspect in the collections, offered by Eried, is bound to delight the free-spirited consumer and provide her with a small but thoughtful charm that connects fashionable presence with natural narratives.