The 'Shield Satchel' Offers Protection in the Event of Danger

 - Dec 11, 2017
References: studiosteady & yankodesign
The 'Shield Satchel' comes as a protective piece of equipment that will enable users to stay safe as they make their way through a city in the event of a riot, protest or attack where they might be at risk of being hurt. Designed by Celine Setiadi, the purse works by allowing you to keep all of your essentials within and toting it around with you during your daily routine. In the event that something dangerous does happen, the purse can be changed into a protective shield that will keep you safe from flying objects or potential attacks.

The 'Shield Satchel' is crafted from polycarbonate and acknowledges the need for protective accessories that will help to offer a way to stay safe when heading to a peaceful protest or simply walking the streets of a metropolitan area.