Tampon Delivery Concept 'mCycle' Turns Sanitary Products into Compost

Central Saint Martins graduate, Kaye Toland, has developed a concept that turns sanitary products into compost.

Toland is a product design student whose concept for 'mCycle' was initially developed as a response and protest against the 'tampon tax.' mCycle would work as a tampon delivery service, similar to 'Deliveroo,' where couriers on bicycles deliver cardboard boxes of tampons. The boxes actually turn into sanitary bins which are eventually picked up and taken to a place where they turn the sanitary products into compost for football fields and parks.

With mCycle, Toland would aim to normalize menstruation. According to Toland, "I also wanted to look at menstruation as a resource that can be composted rather than feeling ashamed of it." Her use of red blood drops to brand the product was entirely intentional and a part of her plan to normalize menstruation.