Project Gravitas is Eliminating the Plus Size Division

 - Dec 14, 2017
References: lordandtaylor & refinery29
Lord & Taylor is expanding its brand to be more inclusive of the average consumer as it adds Project Gravitas to its retail offerings, serving as the brand's first plus-size line that's integrated into the store, as appose to being separated.

Prior to the launch of this collaborative space, shoppers would have to go to different departments within the store in order to find plus-size clothing, making it difficult for people to shop in groups, while creating an unnecessary divide. Project Gravitas is working to eliminate that divide, as it removes the plus-size labels from its clothes, replacing it with 'Gravitas sizing.' Now, the brand's 20-piece collection will be offered in one integrated space, in attempt to help women build what Lord & Taylor is referring to as a "confidence closet."