This Miami Festival is Aimed at Creating a Fun, Inclusive Space for Visitors

 - Jan 11, 2017
References: southfloridagaynews
Gay8 is a Latin festival that takes place in Miami and embraces the culture of both the Hispanic community in the city, and the LGBT community.

The festival features art, music and street food that is all sourced from Latin influences and people. It takes place in Miami's 'Little Havana' and turns into a street party where people from different backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations can come together and enjoy the Latin festival together. The event aims to be as inclusive as possible and was conceived from the goal of bringing LGBT people together -- as most of them have at least one thing in common in their pursuit of equality. The event also gives awards to individuals who have a proven track record of "connecting different parts of Miami."

Gay8 brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate their commonalities, hopes and dreams for the future.