'Re-Q' Recycles Old Soap and Water into Brand New Bars

 - Sep 19, 2017
References: want-that & psfk
'Re-Q' is a DIY soap maker that recycles waste water and leftover soap into a brand new bar of product that can be used.

Those who privilege environmental consciousness often struggle with ensuring nothing goes to waste, a concept that becomes more difficult when considering affordable staple products like soap, which are easily replaced, and are always readily available. Re-Q was crafted to ensure even the smallest amounts of soap residue are put to good use, by serving as a DIY soap maker that functions on entirely recycled materials.

To use the device, individuals simply pour used soapy water into the contraption's spout, followed by the remnants of old soap bars. Re-Q is then prompted to press this mixture into a hardened bar of fresh soap.