'Slaughterbots' Imagines a New Weapon That Might Not Be Far Off

 - Nov 15, 2017
References: autonomousweapons.org & thenextweb
Slaughterbots, a new short film created by an anti-autonomous weapon organization called 'Ban Autonomous Lethal Weapons' and a professor of computer science, depicts what might not be a very distant future. In the film, a weapons producer has developed autonomous drone robots capable of delivering lethal and precise explosive blasts targeted at specific individuals or groups, and the robots are used to pernicious ends.

The film opens with a shot that many will be familiar with today: a tech CEO giving a keynote on his latest innovation. But instead of a smartphone or a car, the technology consists of autonomous killer drones. That keynote, shot to be as realistic and contemporary as possible, transitions into equally contemporary new footage of things like the robots being used for precise political assassinations and murders of seditious students.