- Apr 20, 2018
Luxurious products are usually associated with high-end craftsmanship, premium quality materials, and brand identity. However, nothing signifies status hierarchy like the incorporation of Swarovski crystals within the body of the item. From interior designs, automobiles and hairdryers to toilets, sneakers and jewelry, crystal embellishments can go onto pretty much anything and automatically raise the bar to extravagance and ultra-luxe. In addition, the beautiful arrangement of the precious stones adds a layer of detail work that makes the item unique in itself.

Among the luxurious products -- from the ultra-expensive crystal jumpsuit to the Bohemian-inspired jewelry collection -- there is also space for the Swarovski rejects. Last year, designers were challenged to make use of precious gems that didn't make the cut and create stunning 3D sculptures for Swarovski Designers of the Future.

From Luxurious Gold Cribs to Collectible Crystal Clutches: