The lift Cannabis Expo Explores the Different Faces Behind the Industry

 - May 31, 2017
References: liftexpo
The lift Cannabis Expo is a conference that aims to dispel common myths related to marijuana and its users, while shining a light on this evolving and multi-million-dollar industry. Exploring the various faces of cannabis, lift aims to empower users -- from young professionals, and small business owners, to parents who are looking to break barriers, while challenging conservative viewpoints.

The lift conference’s #facesofcannabis theme goes beyond focusing on recreational users, and references the recent surge of boutique dispensaries, cannabis social clubs, cafes and other businesses that target a luxury-minded consumer.

As more states across the US continue to legalize marijuana, cannabis is becoming less synonymous with negative stereotypes, and is instead gaining recognition for its profitability and mass appeal that knows no age.