This Grotto Home Encourages Occupants to Get In Touch with Nature

 - Sep 4, 2017
References: archdaily
The ultimate task of the architect is to create an environment that fits into its surroundings and provides comfort for the occupants. This grotto home does an exemplary job of these things, while embodying a fantastical poetry of form and space, making it a space that meditates upon its site.

'Within N Without' designed this surrealist collection of linked cave-like chambers, capped by chimney-like skylights. The beauty of these organic features makes the interior feel subterranean, while providing views that extend to the clouds. The occupants are afforded a unique position that connects them from the earth to the heavens.

Located in India, the GUMPHA grotto home demonstrates architecture's returning sensitivity to site and landscape, amidst an era of isolating steel and glass on tight urban plots.